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February 4, 2011

Short thought because we’ve been discussing The Self and technology in school:

Despite the internet and all of its wonders we have become so detached. You can spend so much time watching people on Youtube, reading blogs and talking to people on Skype and you get so disconnected from what’s in front of you that you stop seeing the world around you. Yes, you can watch clips of fireworks and yes, you see pictures of places around the world but you can’t feel the bone rattling explosion of the gun powder or stand inches away from the great Roman statues and feel there presence. And you may be able to constantly communicate with people on the computer, even face to face but you can not touch them, kiss them, smell them, feel there presence, engage and truly interact with them until you are next to them, right then and now. You can hide everything from the internet world but you’re just another anonymous person filling up space. But the lovers, managers, teachers, the people you meet face to face that’s what fuels you, inspires you, narrates your life. Without human interaction, true human interaction, you’d be nothing. The internet can be such a false sense of worth, and security. But if the internet was destroyed, who would you be?

So, you can spend all your life living behind a computer screen with the videos of fireworks and all the people who you may talk to but don’t really know but it doesn’t mean you’re not alone

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