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December 3, 2010

So I have a problem, I never have any idea what to put on my christmas list. I instantly have all of these ideas for friends and family but I can never for the life of me come up with list. I have another problem though, which is when I do decide on what I want, it starts to get out of control. Once that wall breaks the list well, its never ending.For example, there is a never ending flow of books I want so going into a bookstore around Christmas time is probably the worst idea in the world. Jewelry is something that constantly catches my eye and so any site I go on, that’s usually the first tab I click. Then there are cameras, flashes and lenses that I could always use or “need”. So really, by the time I’m done with the list and send it off to my mum I end up having to put everything in order by what’s most important and the least important (but still awesome) and makes me wish that I still had no idea what I wanted.

This beautiful dress from Anthropologie is something that is NOT going on my list. This would be something is I so choose, would be a Christmas present to myself.

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