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July 20, 2010

My best friend and I have decided to aid one another in cleaning out our rooms for university in the fall. This is quite a task and therefore I have decided to begin a couple days earlier than we agreed to, in order to have a bit of a jump start once we actually get started together. That all being said, my night is being spent in my harem pants, cleaning out my closet with a mug a cocoa, listening to the above playlist (click to make it clear). By the way, The Hunger Games playlist idea is…on hiatus, haha. I have loads of great music for it, just haven’t gathered the songs yet. Anyway, this cleaning means that I am going to get on the blog sale idea. My friend will also be selling stuff and she is a lot taller and wears a little bigger sizes than me, which is cool because more of you guys can get stuff! We will post it on here when we get around to making the video (on a different channel, btw) and such after cleaning. I shall keep you updated. How are your Monday evenings being spent (or Tuesday mornings, whenever!)?

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