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March 15, 2010

One day maybe I’ll be able to buy Alexander Wang clothes. His simple, beautiful, and edgy clothes are amazing to say the least. The pictures above are from his Fall 2010 collection. At 26 he is one of the biggest names in fashion, and at 26 he has fun, produces amazing work and is doing what he loves. At 26, I want to do be doing what I love. People seem to forget that if you work hard in life you can get what you want. I’ve worked my butt off in the last two years not only at work but in school and in life and I just got a full-time floral position at a highly prized store, and was accepted into my dream school, the only school that I could ever think of attending at this point in my life. And I will continue to work hard. But 26 I want to be doing what I love, creating a name for myself. At 18, I’ve already started to make myself present and prominent as an employee at my store and I’m ready to take my photography to the next level. Reading an interview with Alexander Wang in the March 2010 issue of Interview, I realized how much fun it would be to succeed at such a young age. And that, is what I plan to do.

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