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My best friend

July 14, 2009

From Kayleys blog:

“in a few short hours, it will have been five years since one of my closest childhood friends was killed in a car accident. he should have been going into his final year. senior year. celebrating a fantastic end to roughly thirteen years of education. i don’t know that he would have gone off to college, but he’d be so happy to get out. we shared that spirit; that need for escape. we would walk around for hours looking for places in our tiny town that we’d never seen. little forests to explore, buildings that looked empty. it’s weird thinking what he would have been like had he lived. he had such a troubled family life and i often wonder if that would have separated him from me. part of me thinks that even if that happened, we’d share a mutual understanding that we’d always be there for each other. guess i’ll never know. rest in peace, andrew steven nys. i love you.”

The only thing that I could add to that, is that Andrew would take great joy in turning 18 before me. Even though his birthday was roughly a month before mine, I know he would not let me, or anyone else forget that. I miss that about him.

(But I still have Kayley, and Emily and Emma and I couldn’t be luckier.)

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