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July 7, 2009

Anytime anyone tells me they’ve never been to a rock concert I want to shake them. I think it should legally be a requirement that just once in your life you have to go. The sheer amount of power and energy that happens is incredible.  During big huge stadium gigs or even smaller private shows if you look around it can be such a out-of-body experience. I went and saw Green Day on Friday (my second time) and The Bravery opened for them (they played stuff off of the new CD, jesus it sounds good), and as soon as the Bravery started to play your rib cage rattled. You could feel the music. And when Green Day plays, when Green Day plays it’s amazing. The sheer amount of energy and power they put out and how whipped up they can get the crowd is so fun. They are one of the best bands live, hands down whether you like the music or not they put on a great show.

Dnaiel Houghton Photo from Green Day. Posted  for a Seattle Times review.

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