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June 12, 2009

This is a photo from my last project for photography. If you click the image I do believe it will show you the rest of my photos.

I called my aunt today finally about going to portland. It looks as though it’ll be in late July. And next week on friday I am leaving for Leavenworth for almost a week. I’m going up with 6 other friends to go celebrate the end of the school year (which is monday for me).  I could not be more excited for school to end. I’ve lost all motivation to stay interested and I am basically done with everything except for one history test and my fianl for yoga. I also have to turn in my portfolio. But I am done other than that, and have completely put my mind in a different place.

This is going to be how I pack for Portland and Leavenworth:

I’ve always liked him, he added to the ridiculousness of That 70’s Show. This ad is probably my favorite of all of the ones that have come out so far.


So for  now, I will go sort those thoughts. There is a garage sale I want to go look at before I go to work.  I won’t be posting at all until I get back for leavenworth. You may see some of my photos pop up on my flickr but other than that, I cutting everything off. I need time to think.I have had to much on my mind lately. I need time to sort my thoughts and get my head together. I’m going to be working and tying the loose ends of school together and most importantly I will be taking a vacation. A vacation from everyone and everything.

And that’s all that matters.

So for now:


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