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June 1, 2009

I signed up for fall quarter classes today. I’m taking World Prehistory with my old Anthropology teacher which excites me to no end. And I’m also taking Intro to Film with my friend Kayley which should be a fun class, and it’s only two days a week. Lastly, I signed up for Intro to Sociology online, because unfortunatly that’s the only time it’s offered and I can’t wait to see if they have it later in the year.

Not only that but I found a way to cheat the math system, something I’ve been wanting to do since I realized that all the math I’d ever be taught would not help me one bit in what I wanted to do. I only need 1.5 credits of math and Logic counts as one (I have to take that for my AA) and I’m taking an online math class that’s .5 at BYU. Then I’m done. I have a year to complete the math course (although, I’ll probably do it during fall quarter) and I can take anything I want. ANYTHING!! If it’s easy enough I may just take another class so I can have a few extra math credits. I could not be more happy about this.

Right now, I’m looking at times for the YMCA so I can go get a membership. I’m going to continue to take pilates I think over the summer and do some lap swimming and such. I’ve worked too hard to get my body to where I like it to loose all of that. I even bought a bikini this weekend, which I haven’t worn since I was like 8.

As for finals, my history one is online, my psych one is optional, my photography final is a portfolio presentation (which is great practice for Cornish) and my yoga/pilates final is just some simple posing. I get out of school on the 15th. Finals run to the 18th, but I don’t think I’ll be there more than one day extra.

The other thing too is that I told my manager I wanted to start working a minimum of 30 hours. I have him one more day a week I could work and were looking into me starting in a new department which would be the fourth deparment I could work in. I want the money so bad, and if I starting working in this new department it would be so worth it.

The other reason I’m looking for more hours is I am seriosuly considering getting a Vespa. They range from 3,000 to I think about 7 or 8,000. I could afford that right now, but I want to get some extra money saved up before I do so. The GTS 300 Super goes 80 miles per hour. Two of the small, cheaper ones go only 39. I would want one that goes 59 or over. The Lx 150 goes 59 miles per hour (which allows you to go on the highway, which in seattle is faster for the most part than the freeway espeically on the weekends) and comes in five colors. I’d either get the Vespa GT Super in black or dragon red OR  the Lx 150 in capri blue or midnight blue. There are some really cool vespa’s that take after the old school ones, but I like the new ones too much.

     Lx 150     GTS 300

If not, I’ll get a used car. I want an old mercedes, or BMW or a bug. There is a green audi that’s for sale too by my work.

I should get going, I need to buy photo paper before I go to work.

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