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May 29, 2009

what’s your one favourite song? All I need by Radiohead. green & purple dots = what happens if I stand up too fast.  if you could be any fictional character, who would it be? I’ve always been in love with Arwen from Lord of the Rings, so probably her. your favourite fruit? apples. I eat atleast one a day if not two. And they around all year.. if you could be any other nationality, which would it be? I won’t lie, I wpuld love to have skin like alex wek.  favourite disney movie?Robin hood favourite garment you have ever owned? My BDG black cigarette jeans. who are you most envious of? my friend kayley, and anyone who can pull of anything. the world is ending. who’s your last text message sent to? Oh jesus. I don’t know. I’d probably send a mass text to everyone I know, but I mean, the world is ending so would they even get it?. what piece of clothing would you love to have regardless of cost? a bottega vanetta dress, an alexander mcqueen dress or the marc jacobs gladiators.. who’s wardrobe would you raid if you had the chance? Agyness Deyn or Sarah Jessica Parkers. what do you want to do career wise? I want to be able to write for different magazines and newspapers and do photo essays. Eventually I’d like to start my own magaizn. what is your favourite perfume? JEan Paul Gultier Madame. favourite magazine? Nylon favourite film? American Beauty favourite book? The stranger by Albert Camu favourite era? The Twenties or the sixties  if you could have the wardrobe of any film character who would it be? I love the pride and prejudice outfits or Sex and the City.  favourite model? agyness deyn and chloe  favourite tv show? The deadlies catch how old are you? seventeen. if you could be a magazine, which would you be? Nylon or I-D favourite disney princess? Belle what’s on your wishlist? A onsie, american apparel tshirts, andrew waits photograph, a vespa and a Mac Book Pro.  what’s your favourite music/band/artist of all time? i love rock and roll, pure alternative: raw music. so smashing pumpkins fits that perfectly. if you could do anything & are guaranteed no failures for your life, what would you be/do? what I want to do now: writing and photography if you could chose one person to be your flatmate for the next ten years, who would that person be? any one of my best friends,  favourte piece of jewellry? I like these huge rings I wear on my middle finger that I got from the ladies in my floral department but my enamled copper necklace is probably my favorite. It looks like something from egypt. favourite model of the moment? lilly cole or daisy lowe what’s your guilty pleasure? things i dont really need what’s your remedy for when you’re feeling blue? I like to be alone. So walking is always good. what is your most coveted item? I’m waiting for the new Nike Nylon shoes to come out in june.  favourite drink? tazo awake tea or naked mighty mango juice what song is playing on your page? If I could, it would be…I hate the way you love by the Kills most favourite recent purchase? I really love my limited edition Pink Floyd Converse, or my dress I recently got at bumbershoot. when did you discover fashion? how old were you? what triggered it? my mom before we were born and could afford things would buy really nice stuff like leather coach purses, fancy scarves and nice shoes.  She still does, but it’s been cut back a lot. I grew up shopping at nordstroms for school supplies and seeing and reading about bands who had these crazy styles. And of course, living in seattle and being around the culture played a huge part in it. cats or dogs? big fat fluffy cats. favourite actress?Cate Blanchett


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