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May 12, 2009

Kayley posted:

“Does anyone else have people that they just genuinely interested in? Like, not in a romantic or sexual way. But people who just care about, friends even, or maybe people you sort of know but not really…I dunno. I have three or four people who I just like to hear from in some form. Not in a stalkerish way at all, I just want to know what is going on in their lives. It’s weird. Sometimes I’ll just like, watch a video made by them and be like “yeah, I really like her/him,” then move on with my day. Just little like, check-ups on them. Is that weird? I’m describing it oddly. But yeah, I was just thinking about that. Haha. Wow, this was probably creeper status. Whatever, nevermind! xD”


The people that fascinate me are generally the people I love to photograph the most. Emma is probably my favorite person to photograph of all time. She has so much damn energy and emotion and it comes out so well on camera. Light works really well with Emily, she has a good bone structure and so no matter what way she sits or moves the light perfectly hits her. And Kayley always looks so nice. She wears all these layers and clothes that just attract the camera to her.  This may sound really weird but all of my good friends, my best friends, or love intrest are people that I think would look good on film. I don’t do it purposefully, but I was thinking about it today and all my guy or girl friends have some attribute that would make them a great subject to shoot.

Or maybe my eyes are just trained to see that way….

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