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April 20, 2009

My friend Drew and I used to do this. We would go to the empty elementary school field at 10 or 11 at night and run to middle of it with a lighter as the light then once we reached the middle we would sit in the pitch black. Sometimes we would lay down and stare at the sky, or we would sit and talk for a few hours. As the years have progressed, the cops will sit in the parking lot and look for kids who are coming to drink or smoke. We got in trouble once while leaving the grounds, it was 2 in the morning in July and we had been laying watching the stars. I think that’s the last time we ever did that until a couple of days ago. We walked over and went and sat in the middle of the field in the cold. And the only light was the when he inhaled and his cigarette lit up, quietly illuminating his face. We sat there for an hour or two. Just sitting.

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