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April 11, 2009

 These are such cool bottles.

      So, I had a small problem. The newest issue of Cosmopolitan is the Sexy Issue and features somebody who has no talent or beauty and therefore I can’t remember her name. However, what I can remember is one of the catch phrases that reads: “get butt naked: 10 (or is it 5? or 20?) ways to have fun naked”. Another one of the catch phrases is “Sex he wants” or something like that, which isn’t at all unusual for Cosmopolitan. But “Get Butt Naked”, really?  So here was my dilema: do  I buy the magazine so I can read it and have some good examples of trashy American reading, or do I just read it through quickly in a store so I don’t fund their magazine anymore?

      The more I thought about it though,the more I realized how stupid it was to think that by NOT buying it I would somehow put them out of business. Cosmopolitan is one of the 10 best selling magazines ( aside from Time, Mens Health, People and Sports Illustrated). Comso (the miniture teen version of it) is one of the largest selling teen magazines (however Seventeen which I like better, and Teen Vouge (yay) are up there too). So yes, I am going to buy it. But I’ll also then use it as a negative example later in some paper for school.

And besides  I need a little entertainment.

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